Sunday, 16 September 2007

Fictocritically speaking I

Read it and learn. Because learning is reading. And reading is also writing. Both are activities I have been procrastinating of late. And immersing myself in the world of film. Where there is also reading and writing, and some degree of learning, but of a different kind. It is learning with light. May be even shadow. The shadow-play that is film viewing (and film reading) leads to the practice of film-writing. And from this film-writing emerges a discourse that entangles the visual and the verbal, the academic and the mainstream, the aesthetic and the political. Does the enmeshment of these elements liberate us from the confines of rhetoric? Can rhetoric be creative? Is creativity itself rhetorical? Perhaps I/we am/are striving for a harmony that seeks to define even as it dismantles the notion of a single definition. This is not mere deconstruction; this is the realm of ideas.

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