Monday, 24 May 2010

Moving on...

It is with a heavy heart (and an over-stimulated mind) that I prepare to bid farewell to this blog. My PhD project, the starting point of this creative laboratory, is all done and dusted. The endless thesis corrections and revisions are out of the way, and the documentary is set for a couple more public screenings. My life too, has moved on from first gear. I'm happy to be be able to drive under better visibility conditions.

Since submitting, I realised I didn't need a break from writing. Academic writing, maybe, but not all writing. It also dawned on me that as my path became more visible, I wanted to be more visible too. Without hazard lights on that is. So I began contributing to independent publications, online and offline. Here is a sample of what I wrote:

And I want to continue contributing to portals such as Kill Your Darlings and On Line Opinion, to add to the diversity of voices that often get submerged in the ratings rat-race of mainstream media. There is so much I still want to learn and express, experience and ascertain. There is not an iota of doubt that I will be using my pen, or key strokes, or even iPad-esque key touch in the future to inscribe and prescribe.

There is another matter that is becoming more visible. And that is the potential for another major writing project. One that is unapologetic and sarcastic, serious and funny, yours and mine. I am adding layers of detail to its bare bones as I type, and hence cannot bare its fledgling self to the world yet. But you will be the first to know and read. Rest assured, I will treasure this over-exposed image as long as I live and write, and use its deep hues and abundant light to etch another story.