Wednesday, 18 July 2007


Why Interiors?
Because I feel
This year
Like the inner turmoil of this Woody Allen film.
Its viscerality
On my skin.
The pain that was in my back, my neck, my shoulders
For the last two years
I now feel
Is the balm for my mind.
My insularity
Has turned inside out.
I feel life teasing me with its love and the loss of it
Its seductions and rejections.
The force of it
Has created me anew
Even as I battle the desire keep in touch with my past.
To remember
The lag in my feelings
And the apologetic inadequacies it brought forth.
There is still
A dull ache
As the interior catches up with the sculpted exterior.
But I feel alive
This year
Because I feel.


Unknown said...

I hope to digest your blog soon. I quickly scanned it and I like the keywords that it yielded.

Sukhmani Khorana said...

Thanks...I'm compiling a list of academic and independent film blogs to put here.

Anonymous said...

hi sukhmani... i got to your blog from your facebook page. your posts are great to read... do keep updating. prashant.