Friday, 27 July 2007

Dating across Cultures

mThe following post is fictitious and resemblance to any person, living or deceased, is purely coincidental:

They came back to her place after a friendly-flirty second dinner date at the Bayside Cafe. She poured some red into two disposable glasses and offered it to him. He sipped it and gazed into her dilated pupils. She returned the gaze. She moved next to him. He felt she wasn't another person. He experienced her zone.

"So, do we kiss now?" she offered, her hand on his.
"Um, is it ok in your culture?" he returned, his free hand moving to her shoulder.
She wished he hadn't asked. But she didn't bother replying. He soon forgot. But he had wanted her to answer.


Anonymous said...

Wow Sukhmani! U have finally rendered me speechless.Long live first kisses and cross cultural dating.

Anonymous said...

that culture thing must have been pretty awkward in a funny sort of a manner...i also liked the detail lent to the scene by the red wine

Sukhmani Khorana said...

Thanks puja and yj for your kind comments. I agree, humour is the best weapon to have in such situations...more important than the wine actually!