Thursday, 6 January 2011

Blog Revival

Well, not just a revival, but a rejuvenation of sorts. A new name, a more vibrant design, and research-oriented content.

Why did I decide to revive/rejuvenate it? A couple of compelling reasons come to mind - a) I was surprised when a colleague mentioned to me last year, soon after the 'Moving On' post, that she missed reading my blog; and b) With my post-PhD job hunt out of the way, and my new position at the University of Queensland about to commence, I feel research thoughts creeping back into my head.

So here it is, like the sizzling brownie with ice cream and chocolate sauce that I shared with my family this new year's eve. It was full of textural and temperature contradictions, but yummy as sin. Hence I hope this blog traverses its way through seemingly unfathomable questions and amalgamates the personal and the political for some time to come.

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