Wednesday, 27 February 2008

Creative Lull

Secure in the routine, in the everydayness of it and the mundane domesticity it brings forth, she has forgotten how to create. She browses through catalogues and her sense of art is becoming ominously kitschy. When she picks up the camera, it is the social and familial she wants to capture, not the personal and political. Does she need to travel again? Or just find a place inside where she can get lost?


Vincent said...

"She" (you?) is experiencing a transition in her mode of creativity. Much happens in these lulls. I hope so. I am in a "writer's block" period at present

Sukhmani Khorana said...

I've gotten over the so-called 'writer's block' now, and am probably experiencing the opposite. There is an explosion of ideas in my head every night, so I've started a number of pieces, but find them too impractical when I wake up in the morning!